Minor updates

Got sidetracked from Book of the Beginnings again (currently a little over halfway through vol. I, and vol. II is longer), but in the process turned up something that enabled me to do an upgrade on the two texts uploaded way back relating to the Antient and Primitive Rite, a 19th-century fringe-Masonic order which was one of the currents feeding into Theodor Reuss' Ordo Templi Orientis.

Specifically, turns out someone stuck a hastily prepared PDF of page images of Yarker's Manual of the Degrees of the Antient and Primitive Rite, as published in the Collectanea of the Grand College of Rites of the USA in 2005-7, on the web a few years back.  Not going to link to it for fairly obvious reasons, and disentangling the public domain material from in-copyright editorial & transcription  / typesetting work owned by GCR won't be entirely straightfoward, but the information in it enabled me to do a bunch of updates to the piece on the A & P Rite from How's Freemason's Manual and well as the collection of A. & P. lectures translated by Yarker.  The former has also been expanded by the inclusion of some material from a thinly-disguised promotional piece for the Rite at the end of Yarker's 1872 Notes on the Scientific and Religious Mysteries of Antiquity which gave a slightly different version of the Degree scheme to that found in How and the Manual.

In the volume of Lectures I have removed the section explaining the basis on which I assigned the "charges and lectures" in the first part to Degrees, since the full text of all the lectures can be found embedded in the ritual scripts in the Manual (there were some slight omissions in two of the discourses as printed in Masonic Charges and Lectures, which have not as yet been restored).  One of the degree attributions in the previous release turned out to have been in error; this has been fixed.

Many years ago, on having certain A. & P. degrees irregularly* conferred on me by name, I was told the rituals of those degrees "are now open for you to study."  Only took me over a decade to find the damn things, although to be fair for much of that time I wasn't looking very hard.

* Actually, not sure I want to get into this argument; but generally, Masonic appendant bodies & "high grade" systems require that the candidate be a Master Mason in good standing under some recognised Grand Lodge, which I'm not & never have been.


Back to the Beginnings (2) (or, putting the "LOL" in "Philology")

Currently re-set Book of the Beginnings to about the middle of ch. 4, i.e. a little over an eighth of the main text.  In an attempt to mitigate boredom and SAN loss, flipping between that and going over the  rest of Massey's major works.  I now have access to decent copy texts of vol. i. of Natural Genesis (from archive.org) and both volumes of Ancient Egypt (online at Hathi Trust but only downloadable a page at a time to discourage people from hammering their servers).  What I don't have is a copy text of vol. ii of Natural Genesis; the set of crappy page images I used as the basic for my e-text fell victim to my slackness in backing stuff up years ago, and there don't appear to be any page images readily accessible on the clearweb.  And gods, the CP edition is certainly in need of going over, I didn't realise just quite how horribly riddled with typos and OCR errors the thing is.


Back to the Beginnings

Many years ago I acquired a print copy of A Book of the Beginnings, the first part of Gerald Massey's monumental work seeking to prove the Egyptian origin of everything, with the intent of preparing a re-set to go alongside the CP releases of The Natural Genesis and Ancient Egypt: the Light of the World.  As can be seen from previous posts, this did not go as planned and all I ever uploaded was a set of page images.  

At the time I was able to console readers with the fact that a complete HTML version of Massey's major works with extensive annotations was online at a site called masseiana.org.  Unfortunately at some time in the past few months this site appears to have vanished from the web due to its hosting having expired (the domain registration still has a couple of months to run).  Examining an archived copy of the front page on the Wayback Machine at archive.org indicates that the site's editor finally decided he'd had enough of the project in 2015.  I can sympathise.

In any case, I've resumed work on A Book of the Beginnings and also plan on giving the other major works a once-over.  Currently bogged down in the "Comparative Vocabulary" of ch. ii which pretty much needs to be typed from scratch.


Next up . . .

OK, more fool me for not doing more thorough research.  Turns out there's a first-party plugin for the antiquated version of MS Office I'm using that can be downloaded for no further charge & enables saving documents as PDFs, thus obviating the need to spend hours fixing formatting in Libre Office.

Fixed a bunch of typos in the 2004 CP release of Book 4 part I & posted on Scribd.  Part II to follow along with a bunch of short texts from the Equinox referenced in these works.  Part III appears (according to this page on US copyright terms) to be another 7 years or so away from public domain in the USA so will not be going on Scribd.

EDITED TO ADD: Part II now up as well.  The Equinox libri can wait, not like they're not all over the Web already.


When the Neophyte enters upon the Path of Evil (2)

Konx Om Pax, Essays in Light by Aleister Crowley. Early editions of this e-text go back to the beginnings of Celephaïs Press ca. 2003 and a number of copies are doing the rounds. This one fixes a few more typos but I couldn't face the level of re-doing the formatting that would be necessary to set it in something that isn't Time New Roman.


When the Neophyte enters upon the Path of Evil . . .

Working on carrying out the promise / threat of the previous post. Running into all kinds of issues.  The version of Acrobat I previously used to build & edit the PDFs has compatibility issues with Windows 7 & later, and in any case the installation disc appears to have degraded over the past 15 years to the point of being unreadable.  

Current versions of Libre Office appear to be able to do at least some of what I need, though, but 'twill take me a little while to learn how to use all the relevant functionality.  

Once I do get it working, first up will be Konx Om Pax which is definitely public domain now (gods, I really managed to mis-spell "Yorkshire" on the imprint and failed to notice it for so long . . . embarrassing).


Hello, hello, hello -- is there anybody in there?

CP activity has for a while been more or less limited to me contesting false positives from Scribd's copyright bot, and that only when I actually remember to check the largely abandoned email account to which the notifications get sent.

Speaking of copyright issues, as far as my understanding of UK copyright law stands, term for written works of known authorship is still author's life plus seventy years.  As such, the works by Aleister Crowley mentioned in this posting from 2009 are, or will very shortly be, public domain in this country or any where similar rules apply.

Since US copyright terms are a convoluted mess, some of the works in question have already been public domain in the States as first published pre-1923 and some posthumously published titles will remain in term there for decades, so not everything will be put on Scribd; 777 Revised, Magick Without Tears, the commented edition of The Book of Lies and others will need to find non-US hosting.  Watch this space.

EDITED TO ADD: a slight clarification -- the UK life + 70 years term excludes certain posthumously published works, though not, given the dates involved, the three specifically mentioned above.